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Express Entry

The new Canada Express entry system  started in January 2015 allows following

individuals to settle in Canada –

  • Federal Skilled Trade (FST) – Individuals having at least 1-year experience in NOC C or D type of occupations in last 10 years
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) – Individuals having Canadian Work Experience of at least 1 year in Canada in last 3 years.
  • Province Nominee Program (PNP) – Individuals who got a nomination from a Province.

A score of at least 67 points is required to be accepted under this category.

CRS  (Comprehensive Ranking System)

Canada Express Entry System uses CRS system to award candidates maximum 1200 points.

Points are awarded for the following aspect such as –

First 600 points are assigned on:-

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  • Core Human Capital Factors
  • Accompanying Spouse or common-law partner factors
  • Skill Transferability factors

Second 600 points are assigned on:-

  • Provincial nomination (600 points for nomination )
  • an arrange employment (  200 for job offer under OO NOC code (senior managers) & 50 points if the job is under O, A or B NOC code).
  • Canadian Education min. 1-year diploma ( 30 points max)

Maximum points in this section are 600.

CRS Assesment