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Express Entry

Canada has proved to be one of the best countries for immigrants to live, work, and get settled. The way of treating and welcoming immigrants is the best in Canada. Canada accepts applications of immigrants of different categories and for this purpose; they have designed various immigration programmes. Two of the most popular immigration programmes in Canada which are accepting applications from skilled immigrants are Express Entry System and Quebec Skilled Worker Programme.

Express Entry vs. QSWP

If you are fully aware of the both, Express Entry and QSWP as Canada's immigration aspirant, then it is believed that you are in the state that you can decide which one you can use to get easy access to entry and PR in Canada. It becomes difficult for the aspirants due to the advantages and limitation of both the programmes. Now we will discuss the benefits and limitations of both, to understand which one should a person choose as an applicant.

Introduction to Express Entry System

Express Entry System is said to be one of the most popular and organized online immigration systems in the world which came into existence in January 2015. Every year thousands of applications are received but the selection is done on the bases of high skills, talent, and labor market need of Canada. Candidates who are applying through Express Entry System have to submit online EOI [Expression of Interest]. Registered candidates under Express Entry System, earn points on the bases of their profile such as age, education, language skills, etc. Only the high-ranked candidates get selected and invited for PR issuing process by the IRCC [Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada]. Below given are some advantages of Express Entry System.

Advantages of Express Entry System

Introduction to Quebec Skilled Working Programme

Quebec Skilled Working Programme [QSWP] is an immigration programme that belongs to the Quebec province in Canada. Province of Quebec gets the allowance from The Federal Government, to invite a certain number of skilled and talented applicants that can contribute in their economy and growth. There are only certain periods in a year when QSWP invites applications for PR visa. To apply in QSWP, registration on 'Mon Project Quebec' online system of the candidates is needed. Once selected in QSWP, candidates receive QSC [Quebec Selection Certificate] from the province, which in turn makes the applicant eligible to apply for PR visa to Federal Government.

Advantages of Quebec Skilled Working Programme

Which one is better to apply as a Canada PR Aspirant?

As we know that both the programmes have their own separate benefits; hence, the selection process depends on the preference and priority of the applicants. In case you want faster processing of your application, then you can go for Express Entry System, because QSWP may take time to process the CSQ application. Later you have to apply for Visa as well.

Moreover, you get stuck in Quebec province only by applying through QSWP. You now cannot work in any other territory, at least for initial years. Whereas Express Entry allows you to work anywhere in Canada.

However, if PR visa is only the preference then you can apply in QWSP. This will not grant you any job offers. The points for 'Area of Training' help in making one's candidature strong. Further, this results in boosting the chances of getting selected in QWSP. QSWP also work on first cum first serve which sometimes benefits the applicants.

It is advised to take registered immigration consultancy services to make your immigration process uncomplicated and hassle-free.

How to get key assistance to Apply for PR visa in Canada choosing the right Immigration program?

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