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Canada Immigration Consultants can help you to get a visa to Canada.

Meharban Overseas is helping students as well as workers alike to settle in Canada. We can assist you to achieve your dream of studying or working in Canada while paving a path for your family’s better future.

We are one of the oldest and highly reputed Canada immigration consultant agency situated in Delhi, India. We have assisted thousands of Indians to settle overseas and also for spending holidays with loved ones abroad. Meharban Overseas provide simple and best quality services to their clients for different types of visa.

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What makes us different from the other visa advisor firms in Delhi is that our consultants will assist you tirelessly to fulfill your visa requirements (funds, documents, time etc.); they will also help you with documentation and much more. Our team of professionals is well versed with how visa approval works and what nit bit things are needed to get visa approval.

Our immigration specialists keep themselves updated about any new rules/news are released related to Canadian immigration and if it can help you in submitting the application without any issues.

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Canada immigration online application helps in checking the status of application submission. For a regular person, the process is annoying and complicated. Therefore we always advise you to take the help of an experienced immigration consultant while applying for Canadian Visa.

Meharban Overseas will happily organize your application and counsel you before as well as after you get to Canada on how to achieve the conditions issued by the Canadian Authorities.

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“5 Canadian cities among the leading 25 most habitable cities in the world”

If you want to work and live in better conditions or if you want a better future for your family than Canada is the easiest and one of the best counties to immigrate and resettle. We can provide you with all the information and also assist you with your documentation fulfillment and hassle-free visa approval. We have created this page to help Canada immigration aspirants to assist in their Canadian Immigration process and getting any suitable Canadian visa and permit.

Canada Immigration Consultants

How to know which Canadian visa is for me?

This is the most important question that many aspirants, as well as consultancies, fail to consider when applying for a visa or while screening the applicant respectively. The Canada Immigration requirements may differ based on different immigration programs or visa categories in Canada. Basically, there are 5 types of visas for Canada which are given below.

1. Permanent Residency Visa,

2. Working Visa,

3. Tourist Visa,

4. Working Holiday Visa

5. Business Visa

Canada is known as the “safe haven” for people who want to make their life better. Canadian govt offers immigrants from different class something to look forward to. The federal government has classified the Indian immigrants into three primary classes i.e. students, workers, and investors and businessmen. People also tend to go to Canada under the family relocation plan, however, according to the annual number of immigrants settled in Canada in 2016, these three categories have contributed the most.

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Canada is one the leading Nations in the World and the second largest country in the world with a population of approximately 36 million people. Canada is one of the extremely developed Countries in the world with excellent working conditions, outstanding education system, very high standard of living, healthcare system and one of the best countries to live in. Canada has the tenth highest nominal per capita income globally as well as the ninth highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It ranks among the highest in the international computation of civil liberties, quality of life, economic freedom, and education.

The United Nations has rated Canada as the best country in the world to live in. CN Tower located there is one of the world’s tallest building. The Rocky Mountains are the emblem of Canada. Niagara Fall of Canada is the most attractive thing you would find there and the most common language used there is English and French.

As of September 2016, the average wage for Canadian employees was $952 a week – or just under $50,000 a year. In Canada, the Unemployment rate is 6.6%.Median family income in Canada is $76000 and Median individual income is $27000.

It doesn’t matter where you come from. Once you have landed in Canada you have all the rights of a Canadian citizen. These rights are protected under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. ­­As a Canadian citizen, you can also apply for a Canadian passport and you are eligible to vote.

Some Popular Economic classes

  • Federal skilled workers (FSW)
  • Canadian experience class (CEC)
  • Federal skilled trades (FST)
  • Entrepreneurs and self-employed persons
  • Quebec Economic Classes
  • Provincial nominees

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) provides a plethora of immigration programs for the foreign nationals to successfully migrate to Canada. Many provinces within Canada have launched Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) for example Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Express Entry Program and much more. Some of the popular Canada migration programs are listed below:

  • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • Caregivers Program
  • Family Sponsorship Program
  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
  • Provincial nominees Program
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers
  • Refugees Program
  • Self-employed Persons Program
  • Skilled immigrants (Express Entry) Program
  • Start-up visa Program

There are different programs to qualify to migrate to Canada each one of the programs has different requirements. However, some of the general requirements that you have to fulfill are given below:

  • Language Aptitude: To get a Canadian visa, the interested foreign applicant has to pass language proficiency test in any of Canada’s official language i.e. French or English. The applicant can take an appointment for exam dates at any agency permitted by IRCC.
    For English an applicant can take CELPIP – General Test (NOTE: ONLY for Canada, United States and UAE) or IELTS: International English Language Testing System (recommended for Indians). If you are interested or have experience in French, then take TEF including expression orale, compréhension de l’orale, compréhension de l’écrit, expression écrite. Applicants need at least 7 CLB score in the primary language divided into 4 parts i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Educational Requirement: For Canada immigration applicants an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) report is required (in certain cases). ECA help aspirants to attest that his/her India diploma, degree or certificates are on the same level as Canada educational level. Asses your ECA credentials through World Education Services (WES). View a sample here.
  • Character and Health Requirements: Canadian immigrants also have to provide health and character certificated while submitting their visa application for approval.
  • Minimum required funds for one year.
  • Applicants age (vary as per immigration program type)
  • Work Experience(for work permit or PNP programs)

The Canada Immigration Process Timing is essentially the time it takes to get the procedure finished for Immigration to Canada, i.e. the aggregate time it takes from submitting a profile to visa approval, and so forth. The processing time is really subject to the immigration program or visa profile you choose. It might fluctuate in light of the factors gives below:

Documents Preparation: How quickly you provide the required documents from specialists, may also affect the visa approval time. We suggest that an applicant should get all of their certificates and records in advance, i.e. IELTS certificate, bank details, personal records and so forth. The character and health certificate is also required after receiving ITA from IRCC.

Type of Immigration Program: The visa approval rate also varies as per the type of Canadian immigration program an applicant is applying for. For example, QSWP requirements are different from those of the any PNP or Express Entry Program. An applicant can check his/her application processing time on the official CIC website.

LMIA Approval: Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval can also impact an applicant visa process. LMIA is a Canadian job offer based visas. In the event that you are applying for Canada immigration due to a job offer from Canada, your boss in Canada needs to take LMIA approval declaration, which affirms that there is no local candidate accessible for the position being offered to an international worker.

Incorrect Visa Application Submission: Correctly submitting a Canada visa request is one of the most important things which effects applicants immigration processing time, because as wrong information on the application may likewise also postpone the approval.

However, the handling time can be cut short significantly, if you take the help or support from an experienced Canadian Immigration Consultancy Service and finish every one of the requirements in time with respect to IELTS and ECA accreditation, character and health approval, visa recording, report plan, and much more.

Presently, once you are accumulated the all the important documents, it’s smarter to check your points for various programs. Canada has the point-based immigration system, in which, your submitted documents are given points.

The Canada Immigration points are allotted for your each profile criteria, when you are submitting the application for immigration to Canada, i.e. Education, Age, Work Experience, Language Proficiency and so on. It might be diverse according to the program you are applying to. For example, the Express Entry System has a set example of immigration point’s allocation. On the opposite end, the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program has the different marks allocation criteria.

Henceforth, it totally relies upon the types of the Canadian Immigration visa you are applying for. You may go to a reputed Canada immigration consultant in Delhi to get complete help concerning the methodology or immigration point’s requirement for a specific immigration program. Discover beneath, with reference to how the focuses are ascertained in Canadian point based Immigration system.

Canada immigration points are divided into different parts i.e. education, age, language proficiency, work experience, and so forth. Your qualification for Canada immigration is determined by your aggregate scored points. On the off chance that your profile can achieve the qualifying marks required for a specific immigration program, you might end up becoming qualified to get the ITA (Invitation to apply) for Canadian PR.

Thus, it is advisable to get your Canada Immigration Points Calculated ahead of time through a Bona Fide Canada Immigration Points Calculator, regardless of whether you meet all requirements for immigration to Canada or not.

If you are moving to Canada, it’s very common to think about the Canadian immigration policies and rules. Henceforth, you should discover what precisely Canada immigration policy says in regards to transitory and permanent immigration to Canada.

The Canada Immigration Policy largely depends on the type of immigration or entry you want in Canada i.e.

The Temporary immigration or visa to Canada

The Permanent Residency in Canada

The Canadian regulations, laws, and immigration technique are typically differing for both the entry types, aside from a couple of basic procedural needs.

The Temporary residency visa depends on certain things, and included visas, i.e. Guest/vacationer Visa, Student Visa, Work allow, Live-in-Caregiver, and so on. On the opposite end, Permanent Residency can be offered by means of visas, i.e. Visitor/tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work permit, Live-in-Caregiver, etc. The temporary entry or visa is applied when you are outside of Canada, while the Canadian PR can be applied from either inside or outside of Canada in light of the circumstance and prerequisite.

In spite of the fact that immigration to Canada is generally hassled free, in any case, a specialist and support are constantly advisable to comprehend the point-based immigration system of Canada and along these lines apply for the same with 100% Accuracy. The confusion and unforced mistakes in submitted profile or application may cause pointless delays or even rejection. Hence, it’s smarter to be protected than be sorry later.

For a smooth and hassle-free immigration to Canada, simply fill the form for free consultant and get your certifications and necessary documents in check for the inconvenience free Immigration Procedure. You can also call Meharban international to book your appointment and get the absolute guidance and help with respect to the Canada Visa Procedure. The Meharban Overseas Immigration is the best immigration consultancy in India for Canadian Immigration and Visa help.

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