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Canadian Business Immigration Streams

Canadian Business Immigration Program

The Canadian business immigration programme focuses on creating new opportunities in the local markets. They welcome the skilled and experienced ones, for the growth of the local market. This programme's main aim is to attract skilled entrepreneurs, the self-employed, businesspersons and investors in Canada{who are not canadaian citizen} for the growth of their economy.

Currently, there are four Business Immigration Programs streams available, these are the:

Self-employed program

This programme is for people who have the capability of employing themselves on their own. Their contribution can be in any type such as athletically, culturally or artistically. People who have sufficient funds and work experience can apply for this program.

Investor Visa

There is a chance of getting Permanent Residence of Canada for both, the investor as well as his family depending upon which investor visa did applicant applied for.

Entrepreneur Visa

Entrepreneur programs like the Québec Immigrant Entrepreneurial Program give immigrants the opportunity to take advantage of Canada’s growing economic power, and possibly gain permanent residence in Canada, along with their family.

Business Visitor Visa

This visa is for those business individuals, who want to stay in Canada for a short time for indulging into the Canadian economy in international business markets by growing, investing or creating business connections. This visa is for those potential candidates who meet the certain requirements and do not intend to impact directly on the Canadian job market.

QIIP {Quebec Immigration Investor Program}

Quebec Immigration Investor Program is the highly successful program, which was introduced in 1986. Under this program, there is no minimum age limit required or no particular language or education required. This program offers high net worth families or individuals worldwide, a chance to set-up in Canada through the province of Quebec.

Why Canada?

According to the sources, Canada is the most admired country holding the Best Reputation tag in the whole world. The modernization and safety of this nation convince people from worldwide to migrate to Canada and live a quality life in a pluralistic society. The main advantage of the country is, the cost of living is affordable. Canada provides a facility of immediate Permanent Residence Visa so that they can easily start living in the country and start working in any company or their own business in any part of the country. Moreover, children of the new immigrants can take admission in local schools, colleges or universities as a Canadian residence but not as a foreign student.

Eligibility criteria for QIIP

Net Worth: For being the part of QIIP, the applicant must show holds a minimum net worth of Canadian $ 20,00,000. It can be of an individual person or can be the combined net worth of the applicant and their spouse. The applicant must be a shareholder in a firm from at least 2 years or has been the shareholder for at least 2 years in last 5 years. Moreover, the applicant must own a private firm, if not, he should have experience of at least 2 years under business management as a[paid employee in a reputed and admissible company.

While calculating net worth, assets which can be included in net worth are real estate, bank accounts, stocks, and bonds, as well as pension funds.

Risk-free investment: The applicant applying for QIIP visa must sign an agreement of depositing Canadian $ 12,00,000 to the government for a period of 5 years. Though the government will not pay any interest on it {0% interest} but the whole amount is refundable after the given time period i.e. 5 years. The Quebec government takes full guarantee of this investment. The other option for the applicant is to deposit Canadian $ 3,00,000-3,50,000, as a one-time investment. It is not refundable and is taken as a contribution towards the Canadian economy. This amount includes all Government brokerage fees. As per the data, 95% of the applicant chooses the 2nd way i.e. depositing $ 3,00,000-3,50,000 as a contribution towards the Canadian economy.

Financing Solutions: Since last 10 years, a significant percentage of applicants under QIIP have financed their investment in the country. Investors who do not want to liquidate or cannot liquidate their assets for fulfilling the requirement of $ 12,00,000 mandatory investments in a 60-days period can get financed from Canadian Financial Intermediaries for one-time loan payment, which includes all interest and fees.

Quebec Residency: Immigrant Investor Program applicants must intend to settle in Quebec, the largest province in the country by size and second largest by population, accounting for almost 1/4 of Canada's 35 million people. Quebec is a vibrant and prosperous society built upon egalitarian beliefs that is incredibly welcoming and diverse. Although investor class immigrants and their families are allowed to settle in any city in Canada, the tremendous quality of life in Quebec makes the province highly popular among newcomers to the country.

Government Purpose of Mandatory Investment

The Quebec government gives a term note guarantee of the mandatory investment of Canadian $ 12, 00,000. The interest generated by the government or the financing option paid upfront is used to pay several financial intermediaries, such as the brokerage firms. The leftover amount is given to small businesses as loans on 0% interest and sponsoring refugees and other immigration programs that benefit the society. Overall it is an initiative for the betterment of the society by the government.

However, in return applicant will get the PR {permanent residence} of Canada without going through all the other requirements of the immigration program.

Business Immigration to Canada

Many of the Canadian provinces are offering immigration programs for the eligible business individuals who have experience as a business owner or Senior manager in any company

Mandatory Requirements for the business immigration includes

1. Net Worth ( value of your assets)

2. Investment ( how much you will invest)

3. Age ( 21 to 60)

4. Business experience ( min. 3 years)

Other requirements as per province

1. Language skills (min. CLB 5 required)

2. Education (min. 2 years post secondary diploma)

3. Any previous business visit to the province

Provinces Offering Business Immigration Program

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